Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014 ......It's A Beautiful Life

well.....  my how time flies and how fast kids grow up!!

Its 2014 and for the past couple years I have said, "I need to catch up on the blog soon".  Well soon is here.  I am about to end my 8th year teaching, Eli is 5 and graduates Pre-K in a couple weeks, Aiden is growing like a weed and has lots of spit fire, and Jeramy Jon is allowing us to get another dog!  Life sure has changed since Aiden's first birthday.  We sold our beautiful home in Spring and bought a gorgeous place in Conroe.  Well, I am saving all that jumbo for later.  Tonight I had to make a little update and a picture of the "now" in our life.  We are living the dream.... house, land, pool, dog, cats, jobs, and family.

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