Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014 ......It's A Beautiful Life

well.....  my how time flies and how fast kids grow up!!

Its 2014 and for the past couple years I have said, "I need to catch up on the blog soon".  Well soon is here.  I am about to end my 8th year teaching, Eli is 5 and graduates Pre-K in a couple weeks, Aiden is growing like a weed and has lots of spit fire, and Jeramy Jon is allowing us to get another dog!  Life sure has changed since Aiden's first birthday.  We sold our beautiful home in Spring and bought a gorgeous place in Conroe.  Well, I am saving all that jumbo for later.  Tonight I had to make a little update and a picture of the "now" in our life.  We are living the dream.... house, land, pool, dog, cats, jobs, and family.

Friday, March 16, 2012

At This Moment ....

-Clothing Size 3T -Shoe Size 9

-Potty Trained!!

-Food- LOVES Nutella sandwiches, blackberries, Greek Yogurt, and chicken nuggets! He is a big eater. Very picky but eats well.

-Fav Shows: Special Agent OSO, Octonauts, Little Einsteins,

-Favorite saying "infinity and beyond"... but sounds more like "Infini and Yond"

- Loves to pretend to be a SuperHero "look Momma. Super Hero!"

- Loves to play with his train set. It is a great wooden set and he builds amazing tracks. He has it wrap all through the living room with bridges, intersections, and all. He is very creative!

-Sleeps in our bed because he is afraid of his room and monsters.

-Major Momma's Boy

-Loves to test his boundries and smile while doing it!

-Loves books and puzzles -Loves to dance and chase the cats!

-Full of words, wildness, and smiles!
-Blue eyes and blonde hair

-Wears size 2T and some 3T

-Size 4 diaper

-Weighed 30 pounds around Christmas.... not sure of it now

-Almost as tall as Eli!

-Loves balls and cars and playing wrestling superheroes with Eli

-Loves to play with the train set

-Loves fruit, Greek Yogurt, Pizza, and LOVES MILK

-Sleeps through the night (unlike his big brother!) and in HIS BED!

-Says - alot.... I cant list it. He talks. A lot. He loves to tell me "no Momma" and "Eli did it" while whining or when hurt.

-Sweet and snuggly in the evening (most of the time).... wild and attitude during the day (all the time)

- Major Daddy's Boy

-Has lots of teeth. They seemed to come in all at once. We have been battling teething for a couple months now. I believe he still had only 4 teeth at Christmas. Now (March) a mouth full!

-Hazel/Blue eyes and red hair

A Year Later.....almost!

It is almost one year later and I am just now posting Aiden's 1st birthday party. Having two kids this young and this close together has really kept me busy! I have wanted to update the blog for so long... but felt it was too big a job the further behind I became. Well here I am. Almost one year later and I am going to atleast post Aiden's very first birthday bash. This was a wonderful party at the house with family and friends. Aiden is one lucky little guy to have so many love him and come to celebrate his life. We had over 50 adults and 25 or so kids.

Just another one of the Moffitt parties!

Aiden was one rotten little babe! Everyone spoiled him so much!

Special touches for the Luau theme were everywhere!

He even had a Luau themed moonwalk for his friends to enjoy.

There were lots of sweets for the celebration!

His very own personal cake

Eli, Trey, Drew, and Kate had a great time playing basketball in the bouncer.

Sweet Baby Davis joined in on the fun!

Aiden loved his cake! He had icing everywhere!

These are a little out of order... oops!

Miller and Momma Abby

Crazy Uncle Michael

Happy Birthday To You....



Aiden and Papa James

Aiden's party was a blast. I cannot believe it is already time to plan and prepare for his next party. Time has flewn by fast. In the past year, he has grown so much. He has learned to defend himself from Eli and the rest of the world. He no longer sits back and allows Eli to pick on him. He stands his ground! That red hair has been showing its color! He sang his ABC's (most of it) for me tonight. He counted to 10 for me tonight as well. He is growing up fast!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Celebrating at Pappa's

It seems that Momma loves to celebrate the babies 1st birthdays at inappropriate places.... I took Eli to Hooter for his first, so I took Aiden to a bar/eatery as well. April 6th, I picked up the boys from daycare and hightailed it North to Conroe. {Daddy had to work late} We met Chelette and kiddos at Pappa's on the Lake. I loved coming here in my "younger days" to enjoy the lake, the drinks, and the music.

The boys rested up on the way there....

The biggest hit was the waterfall by the table. It was a tad cold but they didn't care!

Soon Eli and Jaden spotted a boat....

Chelette and Charleigh soaked in the sunshine....

The boat that the boys spotted was Jaden's Daddy. He and his friend Mike were in a fishin' tourney on Lake Conroe and it just so happens that one of their spots is right by Pappas!

It is so hard to believe he is one.

I don't think this kiddo was ever a baby-- he grew up way to fast!

Eli loved Pappa's!

Charleigh dined in her Bumbo.....too cute!

Instead of eating, the boys decided they wanted to play in the sand volleyball court.

Chelette and I tried to have somewhat of a decent conversation while watching the tots....not sure if we ever finished a sentence!

This is a proud moment.... Eli is in the sand. His toes are in the sand...and he is smiling!!

Eli has always fussed over dirt or sand... or his feet getting dirty. Here, he loved it.

What a wonderful evening with my best friend, her babes, and my boys. Thank you Chelette, Charleigh, and Jaden for celebrating my little one's day with me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Trip to Austin

On April 2nd. the boys and Momma loaded in Miss Pearl (momma's suv) and headed to Magnolia to Nanna's house. There, Nanna and Pops joined us for a trip to Austin to celebrate Calvin's 1st birthday!

As you can see, Calvin was not impressed with our singing or the candles.

Aiden sported his celebration hat for cousin Cal!

I am not sure where Eli was for the few times I had the camera in hand. I do remember chasing the boys around and Eli running from one room to the next and then outside.

Oh well, all that matters is that I captured a few moments of celebration!

Aiden snuggled with Aunt Jess.

Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Calvin!

(Jeramy stayed home to get the house ready for Aiden's bash the next weekend)

Birthday Bonanza!

Sunday, March 27th, was a busy day filled with birthday parties! We ventured to church, then home, then to Monkey Bizness to celebrate Morgan's birthday! Morgan is such a doll! This was a "hoppin" party as all the kids were jumping around in several moonwalks. I guess I was my usual self and chatting away because I didn't get but just a couple pictures from the party....and none from the jumping zone. Aiden loved the cupcakes! Eli wasn't sharing his, so I got one for Aiden and he gobbled it up!
Morgan's little brother, Miller, loved the cupcakes too!

Around 4pm, we arrived back home and had to park down the street...... Dylan's 4th birthday was going on in the cul-du-sac! The Moyes parties are always rocking the block with DJs, moonwalks, and lots of food... this year was crawfish!

Aiden enjoyed the party for a while with Big Bro Eli, but soon after, he decided it was too much and needed a nap!

Eli loved the Monster Truck Moonwalk!

Last year he was so scared of the things... now he loves loves loves them!!

Eli blew bubbles with his friends, Braydon's Grammy.

He took some pictures with the Tot Camera....

Played cars with the girls....And the adults got a little crazy! All the ladies were dancing on Charles!!

He looks like he is panicking/

Eli tested his skills on this hand bike.

You move the handles to move the bike... very weird to drive/ride....

He liked the smooth ride of his Arctic Cat much better. He took a friend for a ride in the loop.

and back to the bouncer....Eli and Braydon....

Two little stinkers!